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Decorating Beach Rental Property

Summer House Designs can take care of everything for your beach rental property. Here is one client's experience:

"What would I have done without Summerhouse Designs?!!? We purchased our vacation home in late spring and knew we needed to have it "ready" to rent by July 4th. Living in a coastal town in Rhode Island, we knew we would not use the house in summer. It would be foolish not to rent it out to others who would enjoy Bald Head Island, so I had to get it furnished FAST!

The house was totally empty and painted a pea-green throughout. Betsy and Angie visited it just once and I provided pictures of things that I admired in magazines.We discussed the types of furnishings that we were comfortable with, colors we liked and colors to avoid, and the girls were off!!! Throughout June, we exchanged photos and emails. Angie and Betsy were extremely sensitive to our needs, capitalizing on things we loved and eliminating the things we did not.

In the beginning of July, we saw the house completely furnished for the first time. It took our breath away. The colors were happy and warm; the furniture was of fine quality; the kitchen was well-stocked; everything was uniquely selected to match our personalities and lifestyle. The house continues to "grow", as we add items here and there as the needs arise. Betsy and Angie are always available to give advice and seek out those "little somethings" that make a house a home. Summerhouse Designs provides a service that is beyond all expectations!"

Susan Naysnerski
Bald Head Island, NC

If you need design or furnishing help with vacation rental properties please contact Summer House Designs.